Saturday 280522

5 rounds each for time with a partner:
150-m run
15 knees-to-elbows
15 burpees


  • Complete this workout in 20:00-30:00.
  • This partner workout is known as a relay-style workout or, " you go, I go." While one partner completes the full round, the other partner is resting. Once P1 completes the full round, they rest and P2 starts their round.
  • Complete this workout at a consistently fast pace.
  • The run should take less than 1:00 each time.
  • The burpees should take :45 or less.
  • Complete the knees-to-elbows in 3 sets or less.


Knees-to-elbows Reps (10), knee raises, sit-ups.

Burpees Reps (10), down and ups

WOD: For time

Friday 270522

5 rounds for time:
63 double-unders
15 box jump-overs (50/60 cm)
9 hang squat cleans (35/50 kg)
– Athletes must step down from the top of the box.

2 sets:
50 back extensions
Max-effort L-sit hold
– Rest 1:00-1:30 between movements.


  • Finish in 11:00-15:00.
  • There is a lot of jumping redundancy in this workout, which challenges your overall capacity. Don't start at a sprint pace.
  • Spend no more than 1:00 on the double-under, otherwise, consider reducing reps or time capping the movement.
  • Pace or push the box jump-overs to keep the hang cleans unbroken for at least 2 rounds.


Double-unders Reps (44), 1:00 of work, single-unders

Box jump-overs Height, step-overs

Hang squat cleans Load, DB options

WOD: Heavy Day

Thursday 260522

5 sets for load:
5 push jerks

On an 8:00 clock:
Handstand walk/wall walk practice


  • Take a break from the higher intensity and volume programmed in the rest of the week; focus on building strength.
  • Take enough warm-up reps so your first working set of 5 can be "heavy" or around 65% of your first push jerk.
  • Increase load across as many sets as possible.
  • Take time to reset between reps so you can focus on consistent footwork.


Push jerk Load, push presses, strict presses


For reps

5 rounds of :

1 minute calories

1 minute jumps over hurdle 50cm/60cm

1 minute weighted sit-ups 6kg/9kg

1 minute air squats

1 minute rest


Loads, heights


Wednesday 250522

12 alternating DB snatches (15/22.5 kg)
4 bar muscle-ups

On a 10:00 clock:
Build to a heavy 5-rep DB snatch/arm
– Complete 5 consecutive reps on one arm, then 5 more on the other.


  • Complete 6-9 rounds.
  • Spend no more than :45 on each movement.
  • DB snatches should be unbroken for the majority of the workout.
  • Cycle through the rounds at a fast pace without breaking up the gymnastics.
  • Avoid failed attempts on the BMU and scale as needed.


Alternating DB snatches Load, DB hang snatches, single-arm options

Bar muscle-ups Jumping BMU, chest-to-bar pull-ups, kipping pull-ups, ring rows

WOD: For load

Tuesday 240522

On a 20:00 clock:

10 rounds of

3 front squats
200m run
– Increase front squat load as desired.


  • Prioritize lifting heavier in today's workout. Athletes can push on running but this shouldn't fatigue them so badly that it affects their ability to lift well.
  • Athletes will be lifting from a rack in today's workout.
  • Have athletes start around 50% of their 1-rep max and build slowly throughout the 10 rounds.
  • Advise athletes to hold a consistent pace on running each time. A good goal is anywhere from 45'' to 1 minute
  • Athletes should have about :30-45 between rounds to change weights if needed


Front squat Back squats, goblet squats, DB squats, lunges.


For time

50 walking lunges

400m run

30 push-ups

20 burpees box jumps 50cm/60cm

100 wall ball shots 6kg/9kg


Reps 30% less

Loads and heights

Push-ups, on knees


Monday 230522

25 burpees
400-m weighted run (6/9 kg)
25 weighted pull-ups (6/9kg)
400-m weighted run
25 handstand push-ups
400-m weighted run
25 chest-to-bar pull-ups
400-m weighted run
25 burpees


  • CrossFit Hero workout, "Del." Overall this should be a challenging workout because of the variety of movements and the volume.
  • Finish the workout in 16:00-25:00.
  • Weighted running, pull-ups and upper body pressing help athletes prepare for "Murph."
  • Weighted runs finish in 3:00 or less.
  • Perform 2-4 sets on all gymnastics movements.


Burpees Reps (15), up-downs

Weighted run Distance, load, bike

Weighted pull-ups Load, banded pull-ups, ring rows

Handstand push-ups DB push presses, push-ups

Chest-to-bar pull-ups Chin-over-bar pull-ups, jumping pull-ups


For time

3 rounds of:

1000m row

1000m run


Distance 800m

WOD: Τeam Wod

Saturday 210522

3 rounds for time:
50/70-cal. row,bike or ski
200 double-unders
70 synchronize walking lunges
– One partner working at a time during the row and double-unders.


  • Complete the workout in 20:00-25:00.
  • Finish the row between 3:00-4:00
  • Spend no more than 3:00 on the double-unders each round.
  • Don't stop moving on the walking lunges.



Double-unders 140 Reps, 200 single-unders, 75 plate hops.

Walking lunges Reps, range of motion, air squats.