Kukuowl-Nutrition Philosophy

Think outside the box,eat inside!

Nutrition is the basis of everything we do, both in terms of performance, fitness and health, as well as in our appearance (physical composition). No matter how we train, nutrition will always play the key role in our results.

Thus, in 2016, our collaboration with the team of Kukuowl-Nutrition Philosophy began.

Τhrough our common values, they created and evolved inside the gym, a concept store where you can try

  • excellent specialty coffees and herbal drinks.
  • handmade, healthy sandwiches and sugar free sweets with excellent raw materials, protein smoothies and also fresh juices every Monday to Friday (and through delivery by the WOLT service).
  • a creatively designed brunch every Saturday, which you can combine with fresh beers from Greek breweries in our beautifully courtyard.
  • You can also do your weekly shopping and enrich your breakfast and your snack!

With all the products of high nutritional value, from small Greek production units, that are on the shelves of KUKUOWL