The most important thing for the human body ,in terms of functionality, is to be able to do the movements for which it is made. This means that the nervous system, muscles and joints should work together in harmony for a free and unrestricted movement.

Sedentary life, repetitive movements in sports or at work, incorrect movement patterns and injuries, cause poor posture and restriction of our movement, putting our body in a vicious cycle of dysfunction and injury.

Depending on your goal, Symmetry will help you to:

  • Improve your sports performance, your quality of life during daily activities, and get rid of muscle pain and imbalances
  • Relax tight and activate underactive muscles
  • Increase joint range of motion
  • Prevent future injuries
  • Have a quick and proper reintegration into training and your daily activities after an injury
  • Strengthen muscles that have lost their strength due to overworking of others
  • Learn the correct posture in various positions
  • Learn correct movement patterns and change incorrect ones

What is included in "Symmetry"

Stage 1


  • Taking a history, with questions that will enlighten us about the source of the problem
  • Assessment of body posture in standing position.
  • Assessment of movement through exercise performance. eg overhead squat
  • Systems mobility assessment. e.g. ankle joint, shoulder, etc

Stage 2

  • After completing the assessment process, we will analyze the results to identify the root cause of the problem and create the right program for you.
  • After fully informing you about the mechanism of the problem, we start the sessions to work on your problem.
  • The number of sessions needed, as well as their frequency, will depend on the problem we have to fix and is something we will let you know after the assessment.
Symmetry Personal Training 30€/session

Personal training, based on the results of the assessment, aiming to solve muscle imbalances.