First steps


The first meeting

Our first meeting is to know each other. We want to know you and get to know us. We want to know about your goals, about your lifestyle, your relationship with fitness and any injury or health issues you may have.

We will give you information about CrossFit and the other services of the gym. We will show you our gym, explain how is a class running and answer to any questions you may have.

The hours you can come for information are:

everyday 07:30-22:00

Saturday 10:00-13:00

There is no cost for the first meeting.


First training

After the first meeting, or even at the same day (if you have booked a place), you can do your first free trial training, at the Foundation hours that you will find in our program. The purpose of that first training is to see at first hand how does a CrossFit class look like. This class is held either individually or in classes of 1-5 people.

If you have done CrossFit before in a CrossFit Affiliate Box then you can do your first workout in CrossFit Class.

There is no cost for the first training if this is your first time in a CrossFit gym.

Duration of the first trial training: 45'

If you have done CrossFit before, the cost of the first training is €15.
(This amount is offset with the subscription you will do if you continue)

Duration of CrossFit Class: 60'


Foundation/ CrossFit

If you decide to start, but you haven't done CrossFit before, you have to begin by doing your first three trainings(plus the first trial) at the Foundation Class. These four trainings (or more if needed) are done in classes of 1-5 people by making an apointment.

Duration of Foundation Class : 45'

The purpose of these workouts is to learn and safely perform basic exercises used in CrossFit such as Squats, Deadlifts, Presses and many more. You will learn how the exercises should be done in order to avoid injuries and to build the base (MECHANICS) for more complex exercises that you will encounter later

Continuing at CrossFit classes

After completing the Foundation trainings, you will continue to the CrossFit classes where you can come at any time of your convenience , according to the program, after booking your place through our platform. At the CrossFit class you do the same work-out with the rest of the group, by scaling down the intensity and the difficulty according to your abilities and fitness level.

Duration of CrossFit Class: 60'


CrossFit Class

The main class of the gym, where you continue your trainings after the first month. The purpose of the class is the continuous improvement of all aspects of fitness, through the triptych MECHANICS-CONSISTENCY-INTENSITY and through the application of Scaling whenever necessary.

We continue to pay attention to the correct execution of the exercises (MECHANICS)

You learn to have Consistency. The ability to do all the reps correct even if you are tired and in the middle of a work-out.

We learn to incorporate with intensity and how we deal with it in a work-out at the same time with our technique.

Duration of the CrossFit Class :60'

First month's cost : 65€ (for more option see our subscription page)