Our gym

In December of 2012 we made a gym, where we put under the same roof our knowledge and what we love. CrossFit and our passion for exercise.

Based on our studies at the Department of Physical Education and Sports Science of the University of Athens, and on our ongoing specialization in CrossFit training, we decided to start a CrossFit Affiliate gym - see the map for the official CrossFit Affiliates - to offer our services to people who will trust us.

We started from a small space of 450 sqm, but soon we decided to move to a bigger one -1100sqm- so we would be able to upgrade our services and train more people.

We have not stopped since the beginning to invest in things that make the gym and our services even better. Things like equipment renewal, the functionality and the cleanliness of the space and the constant upgrade of our knowledge and our services are some of our top priorities.

Our gym’s name is Royal CrossFit. "Royal" because that’s the name that suits to our physical condition and health related to everything else. "Royal" is also the place that CrossFit has for us, not only as a training method but also as a way of life..

Our mission

Our mission is to help people get fitter and healthier through CrossFit and exercise. Our ultimate goal, that we want for our clients, is to discover the benefits and the importance of exercise and incorporate it into their daily lives.

We believe that CrossFit is for everyone. We all have the right to be in good physical condition. No matter what your current fitness level is, and regardless your age, you can start CrossFit.

We have built a great community of everyday people who see themselves getting better every day.