WOD: For time

Παρασκευή 120822

6 rounds of:
6 power snatches (35/50kg)
9 overhead squats
12 box jump-overs (50/60 cm)

2 behind the neck snatch grip push press


  • 10:00-15:00.
  • Perform multiple rounds of 6 power snatches and 9 overhead squats unbroken.
  • Loading is on the heavier end of light or the lighter end of moderate.
  • Control your pace on the box jump-overs.


Power snatch Load, hang power snatch, power clean (overhead scale)

Overhead squat Load, front squat (overhead scale)

Box jump-overs Height, step-up overs


Πέμπτη 110822

Minute 1 | :30 calories (bike,row or ski)
Minute 2 | :30 V-ups

On a 3:00 clock:
Max-cumulative ring support hold
– Perform 10 supermen every break.


  • Lower complexity, higher effort workout.
  • Athletes should try to perform the same amount of reps each interval.
  • Athletes should push at a high intensity with the amount of rest given.


V-ups GHD Sit-up (Scale-up), med ball sit-up, abmat sit-up

WOD: For reps

Τετάρτη 100822

5 x 2:00 rounds :
Run 200-m
Max hang squat cleans (45/70 kg)
– No rest between rounds.

2 hang squat cleans


  • 7-15 cleans each round.
  • Hang on to the bar for 3+ reps at a time.
  • Finish the runs in less than 1:00.
  • Perform the runs at a moderate pace that isn't a sprint, but still leaves plenty of time for the cleans


Run distance, C2 bike, air bike, row or ski

Hang squat clean load, hang power clean + front squat, DB hang squat cleans, single-arm DB options

WOD: For reps

Τρίτη 090822

3 rounds of
2:00 pull-ups
2:00 shoulder presses (30/40 kg)
2:00 calorie row
– Rest 1:00 after each movement.

For completion:
30 v-ups
30 tuck-ups
30 hollow rocks


  • Build muscular endurance by performing larger sets.
  • 20+ pull-ups.
  • 20+ shoulder presses.
  • 20-30 calories on the row for women and 30-40 calories on the row for men.
  • Athletes should look to perform large sets but also have strategically planned breaks to ensure sustainability.


Pull-ups Ring row, barbell row, DB row.

Shoulder presses Load, DB strict press, SA DB strict press.


For time

5 rounds of

400m run

30 box jumps 50cm/60cm

20 push-ups


Run distance 200m

Box jumps reps 20, height

Push-ups reps 12,box push-ups

WOD: For load

Δευτέρα 080822

7 sets for load:
1 squat snatch

For load:
Snatch Deadlift


  • Practice technique and develop capacity in this technical lift as we work towards our monthly focus.
  • Heavy load relative to athlete's capacity. 70%+ of athlete's best.
  • Increasing load across as many sets as possible.
  • Perform one set every 3:00.


Squat snatch Load, power snatch + overhead squat, power snatch (only)


3 rounds for reps
3:00 calories

3:00 400m run. Max burpees with the remaining time

3:00 200m farmer's carry. Max wall ball shots with the remaining time (16/24kg,6/9kg)

1:00 rest after each 3:00

WOD: For time

Παρασκευή 050822

5 rounds for time:
20 wall-ball shots (6/9 kg) (3.4/3.6 m)
10 med-ball weighted pull-ups (6/9 kg)

75 weighted sit-ups (6/9 kg)


  • 13:00-18:00.
  • Expect this workout to be challenging with the increased height of the wall-ball shots.
  • Athletes should be able to complete at least 7+ reps unbroken with the wall ball load they choose. Complete the wall-ball shots in 2:00 or less.
  • Athletes should be able to perform 3+ pull-ups unbroken and finish 10 reps in 1:30 or less.


Wall-ball shots Load, height, wall-ball front squat, wall-ball push press

Med ball weighted pull-ups Load, strict pull-ups, banded pull-up, jumping pull-up


WOD: For time

Πέμπτη 040822

For time with a partner:
4,000/5,000-m row
– From 0-2,000/2,500-m resting partner must hold double KB front rack (12/16 kg) or 2x12.5/15kg DB
– From 2,000/2,500-4,000/5,000-m resting partner performs a hang on the pull-up bar.


  • 17:00-25:00.
  • A partner-based workout that requires some communication between partners.
  • The holding partner should be able to hold either movement for at least :30 at a time.
  • Keep the pace on the rower to 2:30 or less.
  • Advanced athletes could finish this workout in 17:00 if they are pushing the pace on the rower.


Row Distance, bike, skierg, run

KB front rack holdLoad, DB front rack hold, single DB or KB hold

Hang from pull-up barBanded hang, bottom of ring row hold