Endurance is a training for endurance sports enthusiasts, such as running, cycling, swimming or triathlon. The goal of Endurance can be simply the benefits of the same training (improving endurance and fitness), or preparing for a race.

Endurance training is for both beginners and advanced trainees. Ideally combined with CrossFit or strength training, so that other aspects of Fitness such as strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility and precision of movements are not lag behind. By this way injuries are avoided and we have a complete athlete, ready to meet the requirements of training and competition.

What do we improve with Endurance?

Bone density

The strength of ligaments and tendons

The development of capillaries

Maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max)

Cardiorespiratory endurance

Muscular endurance

Fat burning

The running economy

What does "Endurance" include

  • Online programming of specialized trainings for each trainee depending on his/her level. You get the workouts of the week every Sunday through the site-platform Science Training. The number of workouts depends on the days and hours you have. The trainings are done by each trainee in a place and time of his choice.
  • Create a profile on the Science Training platform and synchronize with your training watch. The coach has direct access and can evaluate the results of your training. You have your training, your results and comments all in one place.
  • Running, bike or swimming drills videos. Exercises that improve your technique in every sport.
  • Mobility-Strength exercises.

4 weeks 25€

Endurance Training