Advanced Programming

Advanced Programming is for those who want to train with more elements, in order to prepare for future competitions. It’s for athletes who do CrossFit for a long time (over four years) and can add daily more training, beyond the work-out of the day.

This programming can be followed by athletes who come to Royal CrossFit, but also athletes who train in their own space or other gym.

What "Advanced Programming" includes

  • A five-day, weekly program for a month that is uploaded every Sunday on theSugarwod platform, and it is accessible to every Advanced Programming athlete. The program includes the work-out of the day, that the rest of the gym has, plus some extra work-outs such as strength training, Olympic weightlifting training, gymnastics training, and accessories exercises, all with detailed instructions. So whoever chooses Advanced Programming can do at the same day the work-out with a CrossFit class, and the extra elements of the work-out in the Open Gym.
  • Post your work-out results through your mobile phone and Sugarwod app, and upload your work-out videos, to receive feedback from your coach.
  • Easy search of older work-outs and results from the database, based on the date or name of an exercise.

1 month 30€

Advanced Programming

6 months 150€

Advanced programming

1 month 20€

Individual programming for one skill