Welcome to your first CrossFit class! You might be nervous, and that’s normal. You will see movements you have never done before, people doing many different variations of a workout, and lots of cheering and fist bumps at the end. But this is just the start of your exciting CrossFit journey. You will meet a new community of people all rooting for you to achieve your fitness goals, and with time, you will start to see just how strong your body can be. So, before you jump into your first CrossFit class, here is everything you should expect and how to prepare.
Nutrition forms the foundation of our overall health and performance, but it is among the most challenging things to dial in. While there is no one-size-fits-all recommendation, CrossFit offers a straightforward approach anyone can adopt to meet personal wellness and fitness goals. If you struggle with navigating your nutrition, take advantage of this rest day and read the latest resource from CrossFit.com.
How to know when to take a day off and when to keep going
02/07/2023 3:40 μμ.
Greg Glassman and the first definition of fitness
Οι λόγοι που δίνουμε στον κόσμο τα work-outs από την προηγούμενη ημέρα.
For many, the COVID-19 pandemic reinforced just how important mental health is for overall wellness. Rather than some intangible aside, it’s a critical element of physical health. You might even call it fitness. Referring to mental-health care as mental fitness creates a powerful mindset shift. It puts us in a proactive state and gives us the autonomy to improve it. And just as we build and preserve muscle with physical training, we can develop and sustain mental fitness by regularly training our brains. Start with these 12 steps.
The glute-hamstring developer (GHD) has an incredible ability to improve an individual’s athletic performance.
11/05/2023 1:41 μμ.
Curing disease through diet and exercise
04/05/2023 12:33 πμ.
More isn’t always better: James Hobart explains how certain experienced athletes can add training volume to increase work capacity. By JAMES HOBART, CF-L3
29/04/2023 6:05 μμ.
Though the hip flexors are the primary movers in the GHD sit-up, the abs play a strong role in stabilizing the torso to prevent hyperextension of the spine. This is, in our opinion, a more functional role for the abs than trunk flexion. Carefully introduced and practiced, the GHD sit-up is a potent tool for reeducating the athlete to use the hip flexors more efficaciously and safely.
In this interview, Mike Giardina sits down with Dawn Fletcher (CF-L3) to discuss the mental benefits of cold water therapy and experience being coached through a cold-water experience.
Πως να επιστρέψουμε στην άσκηση μετά από νόσηση Covid-19
Μια ανάλυση όλων των παραγόντων των οποίων θα πρέπει να λαμβάνονται υπόψιν για την δημιουργία προγραμματισμού CrossFit
Όσον αφορά την διατροφή. Για κάποιους αυτή η περίοδος σημαίνει πλήρη αποδιοργάνωση στον τρόπο που συνηθίζουν να τρώνε και για κάποιους πίεση, άγχος και τύψεις για το αν θα φάνε ένα γλυκό ή κάτι διαφορετικό από την συνηθισμένη διατροφή τους.
Όλοι γνωρίζουμε ότι δεν μπορούμε να ζήσουμε χωρίς νερό