Nutritional Coaching

Nutrition is the basis of everything we do, both in terms of performance, fitness and health, as well as in our appearance (physical composition). No matter how we train, nutrition will always play the key role in our results.

In our gym we have the Nutritional Coaching service (nutrition guidance)

Through the Nutritional Coaching service, you set goals and we help you prioritize and achieve them. Some of them could be weight loss or gain, change in body composition - fat loss, increase muscle mass - improve energy levels, improve athletic performance and more.

This program is not about creating a diet. It has to do with achieving nutritional goals through our own advice and guidance, as well as understanding aspects of nutrition. It has to do with creating the right habits and rejecting the wrong ones.

How does Nutritional Coaching work in practice?

The Nutritional Coaching are sessions-discussions with your coach. Through these discussions we gather information about your daily life, your habits and we learn things about you and your goals. Then, after evaluating all the above, we put in order what needs to be done to help you. We give you information and knowledge about various nutritional topics and set individual goals-tasks.


Someone tells us that doesn’t have energy during the day. He/she thinks that he/she doesn’t eating right and wants to change that. This is its main goal.

We will evaluate through appropriate questions why is that happening. We will see how many meals he/she eats, what foods he/she consumes, if he/she is hydrated properly, how many hours he/she works, how many hours does he/she sleep, what time he wakes up and much more.

Then, depending the answers we get, we will change some habits and replace them with new better ones, which will bring us closer to our original goal.

If he/she eats only one meal we will add more, if he/she consumes a lot of processed foods, we will replace them with more natural ones, if he/she does not drink enough water, we will increase the amount, if he/she sleeps late at night, we will try to save time for sleep.

For all the above, which are individual goals, there will be a guidance from us through tips, material and tools we give. Each time an individual goal is completed, a new habit is created. Only then do we move on to the next goal. This whole step-by-step process is done to achieve the initial goal we set on the first day.

What does "Nutritional Coaching" include?

  • Complete a questionnaire about your eating, daily habits and your goals.
  • Discussion-guiding sessions around topics and goals we will set together. Through these sessions we will build your diet, which will be based on new habits. These sessions can also be done online via video call.
  • Material with drawings and images related to nutrition.
4 sessions 40€

Nutritional Coaching