First Steps

Our first meeting

Our first meeting is to get to know each other. Learn about your goals, tell us about your lifestyle, your relationship with fitness if you have any injuries or health issues.

We will let you know what CrossFit is and how it will help you to achieve your goals. At this meeting we aim to sort out any questions you have about CrossFit, and let you know how you can get started with us. We'll show you our gym and show you how our CrossFit classes run.

There is no cost for this meeting.

First free trial

After the first meeting, or even the same day (if you have made an appointment), you can do your first free trial work out, in the Foundation Class you will find in our timetable.. This workout is designed to see closely how a CrossFit lesson looks like. This course is offered in groups of 1-5 persons.

There is no cost for this trial work out

Trial duration: 45’

Foundation class and first month

If you decide to start with us, and you haven't done CrossFit before , you start the first month by doing the first three Foundation classes (plus one trial). These four workouts (or more if needed) are done in group of 1-5 person by signing up.

Foundation Training Duration: 45'

The purpose of the Foundation class is to learn and perform basic movements that we use in CrossFit such as Squats, Deadlifts, Presses and many more. You will understand how exercises should be done to avoid injuries and build the foundation (MECHANICS) for more complex exercises that we will teach you later.

Once you have completed your Foundation workouts, then you continue your training month in CrossFit classes where you can come whatever time you want according to the timetable without booking a class before. There you will do the same work out as the rest of the class, but the beginner version of it (Οn Ramp).

First’s Month cost (Foundation/CrossFit): 50€

CrossFit class duration: 60’

No need for booking

CrossFit class

The main class of our gym where you continue your training after the first month. The purpose of this class is to continuously improve all levels of fitness, through the triptych MECHANICS-CONSISTENCY-INTENSITY and through the application of scaling whenever necessary.

  • We continue to provide the basis for the proper execution of exercises (MECHANICS)
  • We get consistency. This is when we can perform all the repetitions of each exercise in the same right way even if we are tired. (CONSTISTENCY)
  • We learn to put intensity in our training and we also learn how to combine it with proper technique. (INTENSITY)

CrossFit costs after the first month: There are several financial packages to choose from depending on the duration of the period you want to train. Police, army forces, firefighters and students receive a 15% discount on our CrossFit packages.

CrossFit Training: 60’