About Royal CrossFit

Our story

We started our gym in December 2012. Based on our studies in the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science of the University of Athens and our continuing education on CrossFit, we have decided to open a CrossFit Affiliate so that we can offer our services to the people who come to train with us.

The name of our gym is Royal CrossFit. "Royal" because this is the place that fits our physical condition and our health over everything else. "Royal" is the place CrossFit holds for us not only as a training method but as a way of life.

Our goal

We're here to help people become better, fitter and healthier through CrossFit. Our ultimate goal for our trainees is to help them discover the benefits and the importance of this training method and put it into their daily routine.

We strongly believe CrossFit is for everybody. We all have the right to be in good shape and healthy, regardless of age, gender, fitness level (beginner or advanced) etc. The needs of each person differ by degree, not kind.

We have built a big community of ordinary people who see themselves getting better every day.

Our gym

At the beginning we started from a small space of 450 sqm. In a short period of time we decided to move to a larger area of 1100 sqm so that we could upgrade our services to the people that are coming to train with us.